Sunday, September 16, 2007

4.4 % = 1,220,580

Dead. 1,220,580 dead Iraqis, that is.

This is according to a poll done last month by the British polling organization, O.R.B.

Think about it: Iraq’s population in 2007 is listed as 27,499,638 by CIA World Factbook. One in every 23 people: dead.

In America, the 2006 population was listed as 299,398,484 so if we had a similar death rate here, we would have more than 13 million dead! (13,173,533—unimaginable in its horror!)

Another 4.2 million Iraqis are estimated to be refugees (2.2 million in other countries, mostly Syria and Jordan). Thus, 19.7% of Iraq’s population is either dead, or homeless. Again, a similar rate for America would mean 58,981,501 either dead or displaced: can you imagine?

Obscene beyond imagining, all the direct result of the sheer idiocy and audacity of our leaders. We, and they, should be very ashamed. We had no right and no reason to go to Iraq, and our continued occupation merely guarantees their continued suffering and ever more death and displacement.

But still, our lying President will not admit to any error, but only wants more to die as he lives out his little-boy fantasies, and more dead and more dead and more dead, for his war without reason, his war without purpose, his war without end.

War for the sake of war: evil beyond measure.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why we’re in Iraq

That’s right, our proxies are on the ground fighting, killing, losing limbs, and dying for us, so that we can, like little children, get our jollies playing with fire:

Are we juvenile nitwits or what?

(photo and caption: