Tuesday, April 12, 2005

“My mother, my pimp”

[No, not MY mother...]

Although I have long been doing my best to completely avoid any news of Michael Jackson, somehow it seeps in anyway... If you believe the news reports, he’s been getting away with a whole lot of ick for a really long time, and if the jury decides that what we’re hearing on the news reports is true, he will have to pay in some way. No surprise there.

But what I find astounding are the reports of mothers who’ve pimped their own young kids to Jackson, for trips and jewelry and other expensive trifles, and then sued him in order to collect even more money, but no one in the law enforcement community ever said, hey, wait a minute, the mother said she knew this was going on, and she allowed it to continue, and accepted payment for same, so let’s arrest her for pandering, or accessory to child sexual abuse, or SOMETHING???

Why the hell not???

It apparently was not just one mother, either, who gave in to Jackson’s “tearful” pleadings that her young son be allowed to sleep with him.

For years now, we’ve been hearing details of such abominable “parenting” trickling out of Jackson’s whacked-out version of an “amusement” palace, and every single report has me scratching my head and wondering: what kind of a moron parent allows ANY grown-up such access to their pre-teen child? Now that I understand that the parents were PAID for the favors of their child, it all makes perfect, if sickening, sense.

I say let the Jackson trial play out, but then go after these idiot “mothers” - there is a very long statute of limitations on parental sexual abuse of a child, and if this doesn’t qualify, I don’t know what would. At the very least, these child-sellers should feel the utmost scorn and contempt of the community, not be treated as celebrity victims.

Gad, but the whole thing gets more nauseating with each passing moment. Journalists and District Attorneys need to wake up and comprehend what these so-called “mothers” have done, which if called by its rightful name includes the phrase “sexual slavery.” If we view the child sexual abuse done by priests as abhorrent, how many orders of magnitude worse is it to have your own mother be complicit, and in it for the money?


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