Saturday, May 06, 2006

Chimeric nightmares

15 gpm VW Bug (yes, gallons per mile)

“I wanted something of the extreme of the extreme of the extreme.” - Ron Patrick, age 49

“You drive the car up to about 90 miles an hour and you spool up the jet, then hit it …” he said, fondly recalling one of his rides… He said that a jet-boosted run will “pin the speedometer and that’s at 140… The purpose of this car is to have fun and be stupid,” he says with a laugh.

Patrick…takes the car out on nearby Highway 237 in the wee hours of the morning and fires it up for a brief and hopefully cop-free run…“I’ve done it for years and years and I’ve never hurt myself or anyone else…’’

- from: “When bugs fly—Auto geek hits highway for surreptitious runs in jet-powered VW” by Michael Taylor,, 30 April 2006

Some things just speak for themselves.


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