Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Korean Missile Crisis

The missile-rattling by North Korea is getting surprisingly little play, all things considered. As a resident of a likely target area, I have to wonder if this has anything at all to do with Mr. Bush’s obvious disdain for us “Left Coasters.” It does almost seem like the North Koreans are being told to “bring it on,” with we on the Pacific coast being the most likely target(s).

It wouldn’t be the first time North Korea targeted Alaska, but with a presumed range of 9320 miles, why stop there? They can now pretty much target the entire United States, and given the cloddish bullying that we call American diplomacy these days, I can only keep my fingers crossed, and be grateful for each morning when I awaken still intact.

It is interesting, though, just how little attention is being paid to their mounting of a launch-ready missile.


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