Wednesday, November 28, 2007

You will, you this...

So, now they’re planning to put GMO sugar into the market without any labeling to identify it as GMO, saying:
“ ‘Basically, we have not run into resistance,’ said David Berg, president of American Crystal Sugar, the nation’s largest sugar beet processor. ‘We really think that consumer attitudes have come to accept food from biotechnology.’ ”
Well, Mr. Berg, how can a consumer even act on any resistance they might have to purchasing your GMO crap, if you are not even honest enough to LABEL it as such?
“A Kellogg spokeswoman, Kris Charles, said her company ‘would not have any issues’ buying such sugar for products sold in the United States, where she said ‘most consumers are not concerned about biotech.’ ”
Basically, the food industry does not give a damn about what customers want. The sole intent is to eliminate all choices the consumer might have regarding GMO, organic, whatever. Why? Because the food industry does not think we have the right to spend our money as we wish, eat what we’d like, make our own decisions for ourselves. No, their arguments mostly boil down to consumers being too stupid to make such choices on their own, so the food industry should just dictate from on high that we WILL eat whatever they decide to feed us.

The chutzpah is mind-boggling. If this GMO stuff you’re trying to foist off on us is so great, why not sell it to us on its merits? Tell us the truth, price it appropriately, and let us vote with our dollars. But of course, the food industry has no interest in doing any such thing. Instead, they want to hide their GMOs in UNlabeled products. We’re supposed to just trust them. Because, of course, THEY are sure that they know better than we do! What brazen imperious deceit!


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