Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The day after

Hopefully, Coakley’s loss in the MA election might wake up the present-day “Democratic” Party to the reality that, as President Truman said, when given the choice between genuine Republicans and Republicans-in-Democratic-clothing, the voters will usually choose the genuine article.

The Democrats and the Obama administration had better wake up to the fact that people are sick of the focus on the “needs” of corporations, that we demand some policies that will benefit US, not the bankers and corporations. We see the ginormous piles of tax money going to the bankers and their bonuses, while we, our neighbors, our friends, our relatives are losing their homes, their jobs, and going bankrupt or dying due to no health care. Even those who are not following politics clearly understand that the “little people” are being screwed, while the elites just keep gaining all the more. There is an undercurrent of anger that had better be understood and addressed, or there will be hell to pay, even by those in their walled enclaves and flying on their private jets. The MA election is only the beginning.

The Obama administration is run by Rahm Emmanual and other corporate minions/apologists, and their INTENT is to gut the Democratic party’s platforms and redirect the resources of this country to the corporations. I had hope that Obama would be strong enough to resist this inevitable pull, but I’m not that surprised that he has failed. It’s a superhuman task, really.

Maybe now that the Senate Dems don't have their bare-60 supermajority, they’ll learn how to govern like the Republicans always have. The Republicans have not had 60 Senators since ~1923, but they sure managed to ram some legislation through. I for one am sick unto death of the Senate whining about having to go to the middle to gather along the Liebermans, Nelsons, Snowes, et al., who exist only to obstruct any real democratic reforms being put into place. Let the Democrats LEARN how to GOVERN, just like the Republicans always have; they can review the method by which the Bush tax cuts were rammed through, for starters.

If the Democrats refuse to do this, they need to be outed for the LIARS that they are, because it will prove that they never had any interest in pressing for reform, but only in maintaining their job titles. It is about time that they start to show some COURAGE and PRINCIPLES, and that goes for all of them: Obama, Pelosi, Reid, the entire House and Senate. If they prefer not to do so, they should get the hell out of the way.

I do not believe that I am alone in this opinion.


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