Sunday, May 15, 2005

Serfin’ U.S.A.

There seems to be some confusion as to how Bush interprets “high” and “low” in terms of income. To sell his tax cuts, Bush implied that anything under $100,000 was “low income,” but now, to sell his Social Security “reforms,” any income over $20,000 is “better off.” (The basis for this “Pozen plan” is provided by Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.)

over $20k = “better off”
less than $100k = “low income”

So just what is the condition of those making between $20,000 and $100,000? Well, I believe that Bush would simply like them to go away.

Bush’s intent is a two-tier system: people making less than $20k and people making more than $100k (or preferably, $200k), and he plans to ensure that there is no in-between.

Bush’s ideal society is one of serfs serving the “needs” of the moneyed, serfs so consumed with day-to-day survival that they pose no significant political opposition, serfs so desperate for jobs that they’ll go be soldiers in the wars that have no end.

It isn’t that Bush doesn’t care about our post-retirement survival; he merely wants us to be wage-slaves in our waning years. As long as we can clean toilets, or bow-and-scrape-and-cater to the “chosen” people, we have value, and if we can’t, well too bad, just go die somewhere, which, incidentally, would also cure Medicare’s vast insolvency. How very convenient.


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