Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bush ties Nixon for last place

The Wall Street Journal reports that President Bush’s approval rating has dropped below 30 percent for the first time.

Most significantly, this means that Mr. Bush has lost fully one-third of his remaining supporters in just four months, dropping from 43 percent to his current 29 percent approval rating.

This also means that Bush has matched the low approval rating attained by Nixon, at a similar point in their terms in office, quite an honorless distinction.

There is not much room for further decline in Bush’s ratings, but he does seem to be pursuing ever-lower ratings as time goes by. One wonders when Congress will take note, and recognize the gross malfeasance and illegality that has been perpetrated by this administration, and when they will do their duty and begin the impeachment hearings.

It is impossible for me to comprehend what it is that they’re waiting for.


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