Saturday, February 24, 2007

Yet more reasons to take the train

With family in Arizona, Sky Harbor Airport has been a frequent destination, but no more. Their introduction of the backscattering scanners is, for me, the last straw. I will not submit myself to the added indignity of being visually stripped of my clothing, on top of all the other discomforts and inconveniences of using their airport. I am done with it.

Strip-searched in public by a backscatter scanner
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In concert with the appalling behavior of grounded airlines in recent months—and their literal imprisonment of passengers on the ground for ten hours at a time, without benefit of food, water, bathroom facilities, air, or room to move—there is nearly nothing that could motivate me to book a flight to anywhere for any reason. Whatever adjustments to my travel plans I have to make to avoid commercial flights, I will do. There is nothing on earth that is worth the treatment now accorded to airline passengers.


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