Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It’s all about extortion

Once again, Libya has sentenced six foreign medical workers to death, for allegedly infecting 426 children with HIV. It does not matter that there is no evidence to support these charges, and ample scientific evidence to refute the charges. To the Libyans it is enough that (1) the children are infected with HIV, and (2) there must be a scapegoat. Further, given Libya’s suggestion that blood money be paid so that the defendants may be spared, it appears that the ill children are mere pawns in Libya’s attempt to extort $4.26 billion (yes, Billion) from countries supporting the six medical workers.

For this Libya deserves to be completely isolated—from foreign aid of all sorts, and from all trade. Every government must order their medical workers to leave Libya at once, and all companies must be ordered to cease doing business with Libya. There can be no tolerance for a government that demands money in order not to execute those who are in their country for humanitarian purposes. Libya’s behavior defies all norms of human behavior, and must be condemned in the strongest possible way. All aid of any sort to Libya should cease immmediately.


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