Thursday, May 31, 2007

A personal injury attorney?!?!!!

Image: sfgate

Stunning news on the jetsetting XDR-TB front:

Andrew Speaker, the Atlanta man with the drug-resistant TB who chose to expose hundreds of people to his disease, is both a personal injury attorney and the son-in-law of a CDC microbiologist who studies TB.

It is conceivable that his father-in-law knew nothing about his disease or his decision to fly in the face of his knowledge that he had a dangerous infectious disease.

It is, however, inconceivable that a personal injury attorney would be unfamiliar with the concepts of negligence and personal liability. Given his self-flaunted “well-educated” status and his profession, it must be concluded that he knew exactly what he was doing when he deliberately circumvented the CDC’s no-fly order by flying to Montreal and driving to the U.S. This leads directly to the conclusion that he should be held personally liable for all the costs incurred for his irresponsibility. There is simply no way that he can continue use naïveté as a defense for his choice to deliberately put others at risk of contracting his disease.



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