Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Morons with guns

Not even the goats are safe from being shot down in Oakland.

Who would shoot 15 penned goats for “fun”? Only someone who should be locked up forever. There is no hope that such a “person” could ever be sufficiently civilized to live among us, so why even pretend otherwise.

Meanwhile, crime is up in my neighborhood, as the police succeed in driving it out of other, more typically crime-ridden neighborhoods. No goats nearby, so they just shoot people. And we wonder why more is spent on prisons than on education in this state. What the hell else can you do with those who have so little regard for life? There is no cure for those who would shoot down others, whether goats or people, in cold blood, whether for fun or personal gain. But goats. God almighty, why would anyone shoot a bunch of goats?!?!?


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