Sunday, February 25, 2007

Leadership and discourse and hobgoblins

Although I believe it is still far too early to choose a presidential candidate for 2008, the contrast between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton could not be more striking.

Senator Clinton cannot seem to parse the difference between admitting a mistake and making an apology, and has said that she believes “firmness” to be the all-important distinguishing feature of a successful candidate. No, Senator, it’s merely the “hobgoblin of little minds.”

Senator Obama understood the dimensions of our Iraq choices from the very beginning:

Senator Obama recognized that the post-war stabilization would be the critical problem in Iraq, and chose a “nay” position on the Iraq war authorization before the fact, when it was still unpopular to do so, and provided sound reasons for his choice.

The hallmark of an independent thinker rests in their ability to evaluate the available evidence on its merits, and address the “what if’s” before they come to pass.

To try to defend oneself ex post facto by whining about having been misled by those with a history of deliberately misrepresenting reality, is not only weak but is pathetic, and certainly not the mark of a skilled diplomat, let alone President of the United States.

If the election were to be held next Tuesday, I have no doubt that Obama would have my vote.


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