Sunday, February 24, 2008

And, a bozo legislates…

Still half asleep while listening to Weekend Edition this morning, I heard a brief mention of California legislation that would allow any and all vehicles full access to freeway HOV (“carpool”) lanes, once the owners pay a carbon offset charge.

Huh? Suddenly I was awake. The absurdities never end. Time to fire up the search engine…and there it was:
“A California state senator is proposing legislation that would let the owners of gas-guzzling vehicles drive in the car pool lane, but the lawmaker doesn't expect it to pass. Sen. Jim Battin, R-La Quinta, says his legislation would let ‘polluting, flashy, fuel-sucking’ vehicles drive in car pool lanes if their owners buy carbon offset credits. In a press release Friday, Battin mocked the state's efforts to reduce global warming.”
Ha. Ha. Ha.

The state is about to go bankrupt, and this clown is spending his time, and our time, and the press’s time, to make a mockery of the legislative process and the state’s efforts to reduce pollution and fuel use. Whoa, what a funny dude!!


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