Saturday, March 08, 2008

One more betrayal (in a long series)…

Now we learn that the Chinese are poisoning us by implanting lead in our dental work:
“In the U.S., four cases of lead poisoning have been linked to Chinese dental fixtures. A laboratory test revealed that some contained 210 times the acceptable amount of the toxic metal.”
So far, they’re known to be deliberately poisoning:
• pharmaceuticals and OTC drugs
• vitamins
• pottery
• toys and teething rings
• lunchboxes and backpacks and bibs
• cosmetics
• toothpaste
• food
• dental crowns and dentures
The only question I have is: Are there any remaining routes of poison administration that they can exploit?

Dentists who have utilized the cut-rate Chinese crowns and dentures should be identified if they did not pass their cost-savings through this practice on to their patients. If patients and insurance companies were billed at the “usual and customary” rates for these procedures, they were ripped off, and the rest of us need to be protected from such corner-cutting practitioners.

Meanwhile, it appears that all of us need to ascertain the origin of every single product we consume or expose ourselves to, or have implanted within us: where did that pacemaker come from? the hip or knee replacement? the cardiac stent? mouthwash? saline solution? cutlery? contrast media for imaging tests? hypodermic needles? glassware? bubble bath? sutures? plastic food containers? The list is endless.

We have grown accustomed to the safety of many things, but should now we know that EVERYTHING from China is poisoned until proven otherwise.

For now the safest course appears to be:
1. Buy nothing at all other than the essentials.

2. Buy nothing from China, if at all possible.

3. Buy nothing from “dollar” stores, and nothing generic, and nothing that’s likely to be counterfeit.

4. Make what you can (e.g., simple toys, curtains, food from scratch) and withdraw from the culture of consumption.

5. Tell your doctor and dentist that you expect them to use top quality materials on you, and specifically, that you demand they use nothing from China in or on your body.
Generations have gotten by quite nicely without the quantity of goods we now consider somehow essential. Kids and adults had far fewer toys, but enjoyed their bikes and the public library and making up their own games. And always, we need to remember that for every dollar we spend, we are sacrificing our time, because time really is money.

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